About Green Boost

We who started and run the company have a common interest in entrepreneurship in sustainable living. We have decided to manufacture, market and sell various so-called. CBD products to dealers for the European market, as we are convinced that the enormous potential that CBD has in preventive purpose to maintain the balance of the body with all that it means for physical and mental health.

About the production - Made in Sweden

Our idea and vision

The idea for Green Boost World arose when in 2018 we were in search of products for ourselves and common acquaintances affected by various forms of health problems and diseases. Then we discovered the CBD oil which did not contain any detectable amounts of illegal THC and which proved to work. Based on our various professional experiences in entrepreneurship, packaging industry, ecology, chemistry, web development and communication, we decided to develop organic CBD oil in the best way and make it easily accessible. Since the market today already has a number of other players, we have decided to gain market shares by organically, ecologically taking and growing the industrial hemp in our southern-Sweden arable land. Our goal is for Green Boost World to have the best and most affordable CBD products on the market – Made in Sweden.

Our brands