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Sustainable and gentle production of organic CBD oil

Industrial hemp is a hard-skinned plant that does not actually need sprays or other means to survive. But that does not mean that anyone can grow hemp plants at home in the garden or in the balcony box for the purpose of extracting CBD oil. You must obtain a special permit to grow hemp within the EU and to produce CBD oil.

When the plants to be used to extract the CBD oil that has been harvested, it is most appropriate that the CBD oil extract is extracted using a very gentle method: This method is durable, gentle on the environment and protects as many of the active molecules in the plant. The goal is to get a CBD oil whose chemical composition is as close to the living plant as possible.

The CBD oil is made from industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) and is grown organically in Sweden. The CBD is extracted in Sweden using a specially developed method that is both environmentally friendly and gentle and provides hemp extract of the highest quality.

About the extraction process

“Ultrasonic extraction” is a method that by means of ultrasonic extracting the extract. The method is characterized by, and is recognized for its very high yield, the excellent quality (full spectrum) of the extract and, not least, the very fast production time. Furthermore, the method is the most effective and reliable technique for isolating the bioactive plant substances in hemp. This highly advanced method allows the full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, nutrients and antioxidants found naturally in the plant. The result is CBD of the highest quality.


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