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Good news regarding CBD!

Goda nyheter om CBD

Decision from the EU equivalent to the Supreme Court – Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) – concerning extracts (and thus CBD products) made from legal EU-approved industrial hemp …

EU top court rules that CBD is not a narcotic drug


Read the press release HERE.

The Court has ruled that legally grown hemp extract is neither a drug nor an agricultural product but a common commodity. And that restrictions on the sale of so-called CBD products containing cannabis extracts are contrary to the “general spirit” of the UN conventions, which aim to protect human health.

And that national authorities must present scientific evidence to support such products as a threat to public health, and not base legislation on hypothetical considerations. And that restrictions on the free movement within the EU of such products must not be restricted.

It was a “slap on the wriste” for the legislators in France who also wanted drug class CBD and everything from industrial hemp that is not seeds or fiber, as well as a fingerprint for other legislators in the EU countries.



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