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CBD & Caffeine: The ultimate combo

CBD increases the mental alertness induced by caffeine in & nbsp; coffee and reduces annoying side effects such as nervousness and tremors.

Caffeine, which is the active ingredient in coffee, is one of the world’s most popular stimulants. It is estimated that over 2.2 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. Tea, which is another source of caffeine, is even more popular and as many as 3 billion people drink tea daily.

No other stimulant comes close to caffeine popularity.

Our obsession with productivity may be behind our high caffeine consumption. Caffeine helps us wake up early in the morning before the work day, focus more on work and also helps us work more hours by delaying fatigue.

But caffeine is far from perfect.

Most people who drink coffee are familiar with the side effects. & nbsp; It can make us feel shaky, nervous and sometimes we can even feel our heart skip a beat or beat too hard in the chest. All of these effects damage our ability to be productive and counteract the very reason for using caffeine.

This is where CBD comes into the picture. It is a perfect solution to eliminate these negative side effects, allowing caffeine to do the job we wanted it to do from the beginning.

CBD Nano Emulsion

Our CBD Nano Emulsion can easily be dropped into a glass of water or other optional beverage such as in this example coffee. Because CBD particles are so incredibly small and water-soluble, they will be absorbed into the body much faster and more efficiently than oil.

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