Home Skin Care Green Boost proudly presents another skin care product!

Green Boost proudly presents another skin care product!

Green Boost launches CBD Gel another novelty in the skin care segment that complements our skin spray and massage oil with fantastic properties.

CBD Gel is gently massaged into both muscles and joints, contains & nbsp; CBD (Cannabidiol) mixed with carefully selected substances that aim to penetrate the skin so that the active substances can be absorbed through the skin and further into the blood.

In this way, CBD skin spray replaces or supplements CBD oil which is instead taken orally.

The CBD gel is massaged into the skin as it is, and should then be massaged thinly on a relatively large skin surface. But it can also be used on a limited skin surface, such as an elbow, shoulder or knee.

Suitable places in addition to areas that you specifically want to massage are the inside of the forearm, neck, back, abdomen and upper feet. & nbsp;

The 100 ml tube holds 20 – 60 doses, depending on the amount of gel used each time.

For best effect, massage the gel and then leave it on for as long as possible, and at least 4 hours (preferably longer) before washing / showering the skin.

Welcome to read more about the product and place your order.

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