Sustainable and gentle production of organic CBD Oil.

Industrial hemp is a hard-skinned plant that does not actually need sprays or other means to survive. This does not mean that anyone can grow hemp plants at home in the garden or in the balcony box with the aim of extracting CBD-oil. You need a special permit to grow hemp within the EU and to produce CBD-oil. 

When the plants used for extracting the CBD-oil that has been harvested, it is most advisable that the CBD-oil is extracted using a very gentle method: this method is sustainable, gentle on the environment and protects as many of the active molecules in the plant as possible. The goal is to get a CBD-oil with a chemical composition as close as possible to the living plant. 

From EU certified finola seeds that were grown on June 2 to now harvesting our .5 hectares in September. Here you can see pictures from early harvest and how the hemp grows steadily on the southwestern slope in Södermanland, until the day in September when it is time to harvest. The pictures are shown in the order of cultivation to final harvest. 

The vision

Our vision is to actively contribute to a more sustainable world. Our sustainability work begins through our choice of seeds and then sow, harvest and manage our end products in our sustainability work where we in alignment with KRAV-certification grow on our Sörmland arable lands. By acting in a socially, ecologically, economically and environmentally sound way, we promote a healthy lifestyle today and for future generations. 

Working with sustainability is one of our strategies. To keep the work together, we have an overall strategy and goals that are linked to different working groups so that we can continue to strive for this in our daily work. 

The basis for our sustainability work is Agenda 2030 and the 17 global goals that will make the earth a better place. We help where we have the most influence based on our business. Therefore we have specified two main areas; Green Boost Earth, where the goal is to reduce the negative impact on the environment and human health and well-being, and Green Boost World, where we want to increase the positive impact we have on human health through our CBD-products extracted from the harvest. 

Did you know that...

Hemp is a plant with excellent carbon-binding properties that soaks up about ten tons of carbon per acre. In fact, some futurists believe that mass planting of hemp and increased use of hemp in the construction industry may offer an unexpected solution to climate change.

We get out about 7.5 tons of hemp seeds that we peel with our peeling machine and sell as peeled hemp seeds or hemp seed oil.

For the 2022 Inflorescences, we are planning a greenhouse for the 2022 season.

The stalk is so strong that it can be reused for construction and the textile industry.

Hemp became product of the year 2021 also for building materials, see below link.

(1 acre = 0.5 hectares) on our 5 ha we bind 100 tons of carbon dioxide.