About the production of CBD Oil – Made in Sweden
All CBD products that GreenBoostWorld manufactures are organically grown, Swedish industrial hemp and are 100% legal and EU-approved.

All our products contain quality CBD and are guaranteed to be completely free of THC. An extract is extracted from the dried inflorescences, which then undergoes a repeated purification process to separate the CBD from the other substances into a final product which is chemically pure, and which does not contain any measurable amounts of THC. This chemically pure CBD is then mixed with our Swedish organic camelina oil – an oil that comes from so-called oil veins, and which contains a perfect mixture of the essential fatty acids, vitamin D and omega 3 and omega 6 that our body also needs, something that few if even any other oil contains. Our CBD oil and all other products therefore do not contain any harmful substances or by-products and it is also continuously tested in the laboratory with careful control of everything regarding plant toxins, mold toxins, toxic metals and the absence of THC.

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