What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation for a substance whose full name is Cannabidiol, a substance that is part of a group of substances known as cannabinoids, and which are the substances found in the hemp plant, especially in the inflorescences of the female plant.

The Latin (and thus scientific) name for hemp is “Cannabis sativa”, from where the word “cannabis” comes from. However, the word “cannabis” is unfortunately used misleading to denote the processed drug hemp and its products, while the word “hemp” is misleading to denote the processed industrial hemp and its products.

But it is thus the same plant, though refined in different directions (just like you can refine tomatoes or any other crop).

The hemp plant has, among other things, for the aforementioned reason have been refined in two different directions – industrial hemp (which has high CBD content and low to non-existent THC content) and drug hemp (which has low to non-existent CBD content and high THC content).

There are many such cannabinoids, of which CBD and THC are the two that are most prevalent. However, unlike THC, CBD is not intoxicating but instead counteracts the intoxication effect, which also explains why industrial hemp can not produce any intoxicating effect and thus can be grown legally (however a permit is required), unlike drug hemp, which is drug classified and thus illegal to grow.

However, the word "cannabis" is unfortunately used misleading to denote the processed drug hemp and its products, while the word "hemp" is misleading to denote the processed industrial hemp and its products.

CBD products

CBD oils or Cannabis oils are a common term for oils derived from the active ingredients of the cannabis plant – which should not be confused with hemp oil (or hemp seed oil) commonly used for cooking, and which do not contain these cannabinoids.

Due to the language confusion and confusion with drug hemp, the terms CBD products and CBD oil, etc., continue to be used here. and not the word cannabis.

CBD products are thus based on legal industrial hemp, and the dried inflorescences are used as raw material (since they contain most cannabinoids). The leaves can also be used, but they contain lesser quantities than the inflorescences, and are therefore less interesting to use as raw material.

This raw material of dried inflorescences (and to a lesser extent leaves) is then extracted to obtain the fat-soluble cannabinoids, an extract that is then purified in several steps to isolate and separate the cannabinoid of which there is the most – CBD. This extraction and purification process is also necessary to produce chemically pure CBD without the slightest trace of THC. Our CBD products are thus 100% guaranteed THC-free, which is also a requirement for them to be completely legal in Sweden.

This chemically pure CBD is called CBD isolate, and is then blended with other depending on what the final product should be.


Terpenes are the term for a group of substances that are produced in many different trees and plants, which give them their characteristic scent, and whose task is to protect them against bacteria, viruses, parasites and plant-eating animals. Terpenes are the main constituents of so-called essential oils, which are used in everything from perfumes and massage oils to skin care products and scented candles and in aromatherapy, but also as food additives. The name “terpen” comes from one of the most common terpenes, which is particularly common in many conifers – terpenes. Hemp’s characteristic aroma does not come from these cannabinoids (which were previously odorless) but from precisely these terpenes, and it is specific mixtures that also allow different types of hemp (smell) to differ in smell. It is also known today that many of these terpenes have different therapeutic and medical properties, and that the terpenes therefore together with the cannabinoids, give positive so-called. synergy.

We have added 1.5% mixture of 8 such terpenes, which correspond to the 8 most common terpenes in a certain type of hemp called Indian hemp (“Cannabis sativa indica”), and this in the right mixing ratio. These terpenes are as follows (arranged from largest to smallest amount):

Myrcene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Linalool, Limonene, Humulene, Terpinolene, Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene.

And the purpose is primarily to give the CBD products the characteristic scent that hemp has, and to add the properties that these terpenes are supposed to have. The terpenes included are described below.

Myrcene (found in mango, hops and thyme, among others) and is claimed to be anti-inflammatory and have analgesic effect.

Beta-Caryophyllene (found in black pepper and rosemary, among other things) and allegedly activate certain receptors in our endocannabinoid system and have anti-inflammatory effects).

Linalool (found among other things in lavender) and is said to have a relaxing and soothing effect.

Limonene (found in citrus fruit shells, for example) and is said to have a stress-relieving and anti-anxiety effect.

Humulene (found in hops, among others) and is said to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Terpinolene (found in lilies, among other things) and is said to have a stimulating and uplifting effect as well as bactericidal and fungicidal effect.

Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Pinene (found in basil and rosemary, among others) and are said to have pain-relieving and anti-anxiety effects in addition to being anti-inflammatory.


In the production of CBD oil, a vegetable oil is added. It would have been natural to use hemp seed oil from the same plant. But even though the seed cores and thus the seed oil are theoretically completely free of cannabinoids, there are smaller amounts of cannabinoids on the outside of the seeds, so when the seed oil is pressed out of the seeds they follow, resulting in admittedly extremely small and practically uninteresting, yet measurable values. of THC. 

Therefore, we instead use a seed oil from the plant oil cane (Camelina sativa), better known by the name Camelina oil, which otherwise has very similar properties to the hemp seed oil. This camelina oil is organically grown in Sweden. This makes our products unique and 100% THC-free.

CBD Oral Spray

For the oral spray, CBD is mixed with 95% chemically pure ethyl alcohol (regular alcohol) and propylene glycol. The alcohol is needed for absorption into the body through the mucous membranes of the mouth. And the propylene glycol has been added to counteract the dehydrating and irritating effect that alcohol can otherwise have on the mucous membranes of the mouth.

The propylene glycol used is of food-approved quality, and thus should not be confused with the toxic ethylene glycol used in vehicle coolant.

How does CBD work?

Only during the 1990s did medical researchers discover that all animals, incl. man, has a so-called “Endocannabinoid system”, a complex system of receptors found almost everywhere in our body, which regulates virtually all of the body’s functions, and that our body produces body-specific cannabinoids.

And that many physical and mental medical problems and illnesses can be linked to a lack of these body-specific endocannabinoids.

But that the body’s own production of cannabinoids is short-lived and usually not enough to keep our body in balance.

In addition, research has found that the most important bodily cannabinoid has its equivalent to a substance found in nature, but only in the plant hemp, and it is precisely cannabidiol – CBD – the cannabinoid most commonly found in hemp.

For those who want to read more about our endocannabinoid system, we refer to Wikipedia:


Opportunities and difficulties

This company has its own hemp cultivations in England and thus controls everything from cultivation to final production and sales to wholesalers in all the countries that have approved this drug. The same company has now also received the CBD oil Epidiolex (Epidyolex) approved as a drug by the FDA and EMA (the pharmaceutical plants in the USA and EU respectively) for the treatment of more severe forms of epilepsy. Both of these medicines are expensive, and we have shown that we can make virtually identical copies of these at less than half the price, and this already on a small scale.

CBD-products – Usage

Hemp (Lat: Cannabis sativa) is said to be one of the most pharmacologically active plants in the world and products made from it are considered to be one of the safest drugs at the same time. There are no deaths associated with the consumption of these products, whether for medical or recreational purposes. And given that this plant has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, it is inconceivable that it can be such resistance from state and government. There are many uses – there are no limits.

Buy CBD oil

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